About Edeltrend

We work with our clients, always thinking in solutions.

Jan Willem Edelman


We are Edeltrend, and we want to be the star on top of retail’s Christmas tree.


The world of retail is in constant evolution and as a human company, we wish to remind everyone that creating enchantment isn’t the icing on the cake, it is the cake itself.


We believe in working with each client to fit their needs, providing them with an unique, fully realized retail solution in a market seeking enchantment.


As a business, our core value is to treat our clients as key partners as we handcraft a custom, one-of-a-kind experience to perfectly fit their unique market and strategies.


As a family company, we understand how crucial it is to maintain long-term partnerships founded on honesty and integrity. Relationships with our clients are forged by personal contact and close communication. We strive toward working directly with companies to create a fruitful collaboration.


Retail is our passion, a passion which drives us to devote ourselves to any challenge and find the perfect solution. Whether it’s Christmas morning or just another Tuesday afternoon, every precious moment should be magical.


Our masterful team is composed of long-time experts in stoneware, greenery, and seasonal ornamentation, as well as new-thinkers with eyes on the future with a strong international background and a worldwide vision. This diverse mix of traditional and contemporary minds allow us to create an indulgent blend that takes references from both current trends and the nostalgia of classic comfort.


We’re looking forward to enlarge our family. We’d like you to join us in our mission to begin Thinking in Solutions!

Keep up with the magic of Edeltrend by visiting our website, our showroom and booths at fairs we attend, as well as our other social media pages!