Return to sender


Return to Sender was founded in 2006 by Katja Schuurman, Tessa vos and Maarten Van Huijstee. During their many travels, they got to discover all the beautiful and creative minds of the world’s most unfavored countries.

They don’t lack in talent or skillset, but their countries political or social climate block them from fully realising their dreams. This is why Return to Sender was created. While on a journey in India, Katja had the idea to implement a way to promote these creative minds through program promoting fair trade and a sustainable development for the creative minds in these countries

Яeturn to Sender’s mission is to help women build lives for themselves and their families through fair and sustainable trade. By introducing women to the Western market in a sustainable way, they can immediately improve their living conditions and learn how to maintain them in the future.

Seven major Dutch designers are developing the annual design collection in collaboration with professionals from developing countries. A collection inspired by the techniques and materials of the country and by the knowledge of colors and shapes of the designer. In this way, two worlds come together in a unique product: handmade designer products with a special story.

Return to Sender has already helped create more than 8,800 jobs worldwide through the sale of more than 2 million products.

Our collaboration

As a family company we find our roots in all the fights that these women are having across the world.


Joining return to sender in their quest of creating a better world for women everywhere was a no brainer. 


Their hard work added to their original and creative collection of articles make them a unique brand in the world.


We are delighted to have the opportunity to work with them.


We work hard together to make the tomorrow a better and safer place for all the people currently living in a difficult, unfavored area of the world.


For more questions regarding return to sender, here is a link that will direct you to their website.